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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

CHROMiX a ColorLogic Reseller

CHROMiX is pleased to announce a reseller partnership with ColorLogic GmbH, publishers of high-end color tools.

Considered as premium profiling, editing, tuning and workflow products, ColorLogic products align well with many CHROMiX customers and their discerning needs.

ColorLogic tools include:

CoPrA profiling and editing software
ZePrA workflow and color management server software
ColorAnt measurement tuning software
DocBees re-profiling software
and others

ColorLogic tools are for those with demanding or extreme color quality needs, plus when the highest quality results are required 100% of the time.

As you would expect, CHROMiX technical staff will also fully support the ColorLogic products sold to our customers.

Go to ColorLogic software tools

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