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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

No HCT in i1Profiler

The latest version of i1Profiler (v 1.4.2) has added the ability to make a scanner profile. The workflow supplied by X-Rite requires the user to select from a short list of supported scanner targets. There does not appear to be any way to choose a target that is not in this list, and the HCT scanner targets made by Hutchcolor are not included.

These are very good quality scanning targets, and should be a perfect match for X-Rite's latest software update.  Several people have been asking why the HCT targets are not included and if they will be included in a future release of the software.

According to Don Hutcheson, X-Rite will have to modify the software in order to make it HCT-compatible. Discussions on that subject are under way but there is no official confirmation from X-Rite about when, or if, i1Profiler will make HCT profiles. Those with HCT targets are recommended to use MonacoProfiler or basICColor scan+ to make good quality scanner profiles.

Customers of both of these products should feel free to contact X-Rite about this, and let their needs be known.