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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Curve3 is here!

Curve3 is out! Curve3 is the latest version of the calibration software that simplifies the IDEAlliance G7 calibration method for linearizing printing presses and other printers. While we talked about Curve3 in our December newsletter, we came up with so many more features to add that it took longer to finally get it all ready. We think it will prove to be worth the wait!

This new version has advanced smoothing algorithms when inputting data, the ability to linearize special inks besides CMYK, the ability to use the printer's native black as the aim point (useful for some inkjets), the ability to begin with custom values in the initial calibration (making for improved results), improvements to VPR (the Virtual Press Run) module, and a lot of additional analysis and diagnosis functions.  Click here for more details on our website.   Click here for a newsletter article describing the new features.