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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Barbieri and Maxwell

Maxwell got a nice plug from Barbieri at the recent ISA show in Las Vegas.

Our Maxwell Client works closely with the Barbieri SpectroPad to load tracks onto the instrument and pull off measurements for uploading into Maxwell.

This makes for a great combination: Wireless portability, instant pass/fail reporting,  and connection with the Cloud for tracking color anywhere in the world.

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  1. Related to this thread, we posted the below press release November 4th at the 2015 SGIA Expo Atlanta, GA, USA, G7 Summit where Steve Upton presented the topic ‘Measuring difficult substrates for G7 and beyond…’

    CHROMiX has fully integrated the Barbieri Spectropad into the Maxwell cloud for wireless, seamless color verification & immediate reporting.

    Time and Waste are reduced

    Color champions need wait no longer to measure a verification target back at a workstation connected to a traditional tethered measuring device. Critical and time sensitive verification is now available for a job anywhere a SpectroPad can be carried. Getting the measurement data to Maxwell is automatic and easy… either via WiFi or with a direct USB connection.

    Wireless, Seamless

    “It’s a great solution for wide format production facilities,” says Steve Upton, president of CHROMiX and Maxwell's architect. “Combining Maxwell and the SpectroPad lends significant confidence to press-side verifications.” He continues, “Color personnel have the flexibility to take measurements literally anywhere, even while their print work is still in the printer.”

    Easy for operators, effective for administrators

    Maxwell automatically configures the Spectropad for online and offline measurements based on administrator preferences and operators simply measure when ready... online or offline. When re-connected to WiFi or via USB, measurements are harvested and uploaded into the Maxwell cloud automatically.

    Upton continues, "We're excited to integrate the SpectroPad into Maxwell's cloud services and offer incredible flexibility with very little setup. Basically, you just check a box and the Spectropad joins the Maxwell cloud.”

    Full integration with Maxwell's powerful services:

    Integration is enhanced by Maxwell's new MeasureWatch Control features, allowing unprecedented management of the color measurement process. "MeasureWatch Control records and controls 16 important measurement parameters including ISO-13655 M-series filtration, scan mode, aperture and backing" continues Upton, "It even records the temperature and humidity samples from the Spectropad at the time of measurement, which is useful for troubleshooting."

    MeasureWatch Control is required for auto-connecting to the Spectropad and is free with Maxwell Client v5.0.1, which is now available to Maxwell users. Spectropad units must have DOC functionality to take advantage of on-device pass/fail reporting.

    Best of both worlds:

    Un-tethered measurements with the SpectroPad within a print facility or off-site at customer locations have immediate pass/fail feedback from Maxwell. The color champion gets full reporting, additional metrics, notification services and even custom pass/fail label printing from the Maxwell cloud automatically when re-connected to wifi.

    “We at Barbieri applaud our Partner CHROMiX for their technical expertise and the tremendous effort they applied, unlocking the process control potential of the SpectroPad with Maxwell, enterprise level, with global reach ” says Sal Passanisi of Barbieri North America. “This really is the vision we had in mind when creating the SpectroPad… empowering color champions to increase their color management accountability and accuracy at the point of print, anywhere, anytime, that is what this integration can do for the color supply chain”