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Friday, October 5, 2012

Announcing Curve3

Seattle, WA - Oct 2, 2012 - CHROMiX and HutchColor announce the newly updated Curve3™ G7® calibration software at Graph Expo 2012 in Chicago.

Curve 3 is the successor to the industry-leading Curve2™ G7 calibration tool.  Curve2 evolved from the original IDEALink Curve calibration tool that helped launch G7 and establish it as an industry-changing technology.

Curve3 builds upon Curve2's core capabilities with a strong list of additional features requested by the industry:
-         Innovative multi-dimensional data smoothing
-         Special (CMYK+) ink calibration for packaging
-         Spectral VPR (applies curves to full-spectral data)
-         New black-point options for ink-jet and digital
-         Enhanced TVI calibration for European users
-         Intelligent error-reporting and resolution
-         User-specified starting calibration
-         User-defined control point lists
-         Expanded graphs & reports
        … and more
In addition, Curve3 supports OneRun targets and Esko's PressSync® calibration scheme. OneRun targets combine the P2P and profiling targets into one, saving press sheet room and aiding G7 calibration of smaller presses. An upgraded Curve3 Virtual Press Run (VPR) module will be released at the same time. VPR simulates press runs, generating curved color measurements for ICC profiling and saving thousands of dollars. Pricing of Curve3 and VPR will be similar to previous Curve2 pricing. Upgrades for past customers will be available at 50% of MSRP.

Curve3 will be shown at GraphExpo Chicago, McCormick Place South in the Konica Minolta booth #421. CHROMiX and HutchColor will demo Curve2, Curve3 and also CurveCore, an SDK for developers or manufacturers who want to embed G7 calibration into their products. Konica Minolta designates CHROMiX and HutchColor as 'Technology Partners'. Konica Minolta's new Color Care v2.2 software utilizes the CurveCore SDK to offer G7 calibration to Konica Minolta customers.