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Monday, July 8, 2013

Simpler is better

We have been doing a lot of work on the client program that aids in the uploading of color data into Maxwell, our online color management system.   Originally called the "ColorShuttle", we have changed its name to simply be the Maxwell "Client".    As our Maxwell business develops, it just seemed unnecessary to have a client application that was named differently than the service it connected to.   Our poor ColorValet Pro customers had to be taught that the service they purchased is ColorValet Pro, the app they use is the ColorShuttle, which talks to the cloud called Maxwell.    Too many names!   Simpler is better.

Even the structure of the new Client is simpler.  You no longer need to make hotfolders for each track if you don't want to,  there's a simpler way to bond to tracks, this Client can automatically route the measurements of targets that are placed into an iSis (for those who have subscribed to this service), and you can now slide your i1Pro in either directions when measuring a chart.