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Thursday, March 11, 2010

New CHROMiX Blog

Welcome to our new blog.

What's it all about?

    Short technical snippits, industry news, cool technologies, and CHROMiX announcements. You know, the usual blog fodder. Only now it's concentrated on Color Management technologies and produced by the company who brought you remote ICC profiling, 3D color gamut graphing, G7 calibration software and the producer of the most widely read color newsletter.

Why now?

  We've had a great newsletter at CHROMiX for many years now and we've been republishing the articles to to ensure they have some "shelf life" online. But what we found is our newsletters were growing longer and longer at a time when we all have less time to read things. Many quick facts, products and technologies that we announce and/or link to in the newsletters yearned to be released more often than the newsletter cycle we follow (1-2 months).

Who Contributes?

  All of us at CHROMiX may contribute to the blog. Expect to see technical missives and hints from Pat Herold, industry and product information from Rick Hatmaker and a wide variety of postings and ramblings from Steve Upton. There's no set schedule for who may post and that's the way we want it. When we find something we think you'll like, it'll head out to the blog so you can stay informed in a timely way.

What about the ColorNews newsletter? 

  We love our newsletter and thousands of readers around the world do too. This blog will allow us to shorten the newsletter and link out to blog entries so you don't miss anything if you only read the newsletter. The automation it provides will make newsletters easier to produce and that means more effort on great color content. In short the blog will make the newsletter leaner and more appropriate for its publication frequency.

So, welcome. We're glad you came by and we hope you come back soon. There's lots more on its way!

Steve Upton
Insufferable Color Geek

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