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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

New instrument from X-Rite

After almost a decade in the color management industry, it's about time they replaced this instrument with a new model.  X-Rite today announced that they are coming out with a new i1Pro spectrophotometer:  the "i1Pro 2".

The first i1Pro I ever purchased goes way back to 2004 - a "Rev A" instrument.   There have been improvements in subsequent revs - most notably speed - but the form of the instrument has not changed appreciably even through a major acquisition and merger.   One of the main improvements with this new device is an additional patch detection sensor.  This aids in the detection of the space between patches so that the main spectrophotometer head can use more of its measurement information toward more accuracy and better averaging of the patches.  It also has two built-in light sources so that it can produce tungsten, D50 daylight and UV-cut measurements, all in the same device, without changing filters.   It has temperature compensation and noise reduction for dark patches - two more features we've been bemoaning not having in the previous i1Pro.

If you want a killer deal on one of the old i1Pros, you can still get them for a little while yet.
CHROMiX has the i1Pro and the new i1Pro 2 available on our website.


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