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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Munki confusion

Since X-Rite has come out with a new model of colorimeter for calibrating monitors, I just know this is going to confuse people, so I thought I'd explain things. Internally, X-Rite refers to the device as the "i1D3" to reflect how it is intended to replace the i1 Display 2. But this single device comes in two different models:
  1. - i1 Display Pro
  2. - ColorMunki Display
The i1Display Pro is nothing like the "i1 Pro" - and -
The ColorMunki Display is nothing like the "ColorMunki"

The i1Pro instrument is a well-known spectrophotometer, and can be used to make printer profiles as well as monitor profiles. Let's try not to talk about the "i1 Pro" when we really mean the i1 Display Pro.
Also, the ColorMunki display is an entirely different device from what most people refer to as a ColorMunki device - which is a low-end spectrophotometer for calibrating displays and printers.

The i1Display Pro and the ColorMunki Display are identical in form, but the basic difference is that the i1Display Pro is faster and more expensive, and the ColorMunki Display is slower and costs less.


  1. Will the munki version unlock i1Profiler, or is it bundled with it's own specific app?

  2. The ColorMunki has its own unique software called ColorMunki software. Although similar in some UI aspects ColorMunki software is not i1Profiler.