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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

New Barbieri Spectro Coming

Here's something new. Barbieri is going to announce a new spectrophotometer at FESPA digital in Hamburg, Germany in about a month. FESBA is a digital print trade show for the (mostly) European market, and it starts May 24th. Barbieri makes several other spectros which we have tested and liked (and commented on). I can't wait to see what new instrument is coming out on the market!

Besides the Spectro LFP and Spectro Swing, BARBIERI electronic will present their new model of spectrophotometers which is specially designed for a wide range of Large Format Printing applications.


  1. This new instrument turns out to be the SpectroPad. The SpectroPad is a portable, non-tethered spectrophotometer for those who need accuracy and mobility. This looks particularly well suited to the pressroom, and **CHROMIX will incorporate the SpectroPad SDK and support it in Maxwell**, when available.

  2. Hope that I could attend this kind of trade too. I do have a printing business, hence it is a beneficial for me to learn the new innovations of printers today.