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Friday, January 28, 2011

Ron Martinsen - ColorThink Pro Review

A lot of customers tell us how much they love ColorThink, but seldom do we get a chance to share "their love" with others.

Ron Martinsen has a popular photography blog, and he did an extensive review of ColorThink Pro recently:

When you read this, you can't help but catch his excitement. One of our main purposes in the design of ColorThink Pro was to keep the functionality open-ended rather than limited to a wizard-like interface. This way, people can go down all sorts of workflow paths & other rabbit holes and use it for many more purposes than we ever dreamed of. And in the feedback we have gotten from people, we have found that to be true. It's great to see that Ron has "got it" and is taking this program for the 'wild ride' it was made for!


  1. Every time I read something about ColorThink Pro I discover some new features. Wouldn't it be wonderful if you used this website to post step by step instructions about this software?

  2. Rick Hatmaker said:
    I agree that a step by step is a great idea. We've thought about it. The challenge is that ColorThink Pro can be used in a lot of ways. Ron Martinsen gives a wonderful perspective of how some photographers use it. In a way, an experience likes Ron's serves well as a step by step. But, we'll stay focused on your question...

    Meanwhile.... maybe these suggestions will also help:

    The ColorSmarts Guide within ColorThink Pro (the multi-color beanie cap with a propeller) is probably the first place and easiest method to get up to speed quickly with ColorThink Pro for common usages. There is a diverse index of functions that you can 'walk-through' to learn usage. I highly recommend it as the place most users should start out.

    Probably the best resource is the ColorThink Pro USERS MANUAL is online at the ColorWiki site*:

    Also helpful in getting up to speed on some of the basic functions of ColorThink Pro are the 'Tutorials' for ColorThink v2: