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Friday, November 5, 2010

i1Profiler is almost here

X-Rite is almost ready to release their new i1Profiler software. There has been some confusion over what prices and paths will be available for upgrading.

To make it simple, there are only 3 options to consider for people upgrading:

  • i1 Publish New Full (Software Only) $999 This version will be necessary for PMv4.x, MPv3.x, and Stand Alone iSis users
  • i1Profiler UPGRADE 'B' for i1Basic Pro, i1Basic, i1Design LT, i1Photo LT, i1Pro OEM $899
  • i1Profiler UPGRADE 'A' for ANY full version of ProfileMaker v5, All Monaco Profiler 4.x versions, i1Photo Pro, i1Photo, i1Photo SG, i1Proof, i1XT, i1XTreme $499
X-Rite is not taking away or overwriting any existing i1Pro, i1Match, ProfileMaker or Monaco Profiler dongles. Users get to continue using their legacy solutions if desired. However, X-Rite will probably verify that the original dongle is legitimate, and eligible for upgrade.

Dongle Upgrades, and other notes:
X-Rite will upgrade an i1Pro or ProfileMaker dongle through the i1Profiler software interface. Users will purchase either Upgrade A or Upgrade B as applicable, and when they receive the upgrade, the box will include an activation code . X-Rite will not use the existing upgrade paths in i1Diagnostics or License Tool.

MonacoPROFILER users will have to call an X-Rite Service Center, where X-Rite will verify that their existing dongle is valid. They will then receive their new i1Publish dongle by mail within 5 business days.

As of Friday Nov. 5, X-Rite has confirmed the above information is correct and reflects their new policies. We will post any new or relevant information here as soon as it is confirmed or is official from X-Rite.

Link to the i1Profiler product page:

Thanks to Rick Hatmaker of CHROMiX for tracking down this information.


  1. Excellent! I was wondering how they were going to handle our previous licenses, considering there's no scanner profiling option in the new i1profiler. I was hoping I could somehow retain that functionality. I realize there isn't a huge demand for scanner profiling these days (right?), but considering this is a "Pro" utility, it's a bummer that a major feature to some would just vanish.

  2. Yes. And I've heard of some people who are buying ProfileMaker now so they can be sure to have the scanner module in it - and at the same time also be able to get the free upgrade to i1Profiler when it comes out. People are still scanning. It's a shame they don't have an option like that going forward.

  3. Just as an update, X-Rite has delayed the release of i1Profiler Publish until end of January or February 2011.

  4. I just hope the iterative logic is in this product.

  5. Any updates on the release date?

  6. The latest word now from X-Rite is by middle of February.